Hår Vokse Hair Regrowth System

What is Hår Vokse?

Hår Vokse targets hair loss through a dual-action system. This two-product treatment ensures that hair loss stops and the sought-after process of hair re-growth begins again. Manufactured by leading vitamin supplements company Marlia Health™, Hår Vokse constitutes the latest, advanced targeted solution for hair loss treatment for women and men.

Hår Vokse’s dual action system targets the main issues hair loss sufferers experience: hair loss and hair thinning. In fact, Hår Vokse has a triple function; it stops hair loss, encourages new, healthy hair re-growth and contributes in the thickening and strengthening of hair resulting in a rich, voluminous mane that reflects confidence and healthiness.

How does it work?

Instead of deceiving people by giving them an allegedly hair restoration magic pill, the scientists behind Hår Vokse have come up with a two-phase system for a more targeted and efficient hair loss treatment.

HarVokse sprayThe first in this two-tiered treatment is the stage of hair protection and hair loss prevention. This is done with the use of the Protective Treatment Hair Re-growth Spray.

In a word the spray’s function is preparatory; it prepares the scalp for extensive and healthy hair re-growth. Spraying the hair with Hår Vokse, means that inflammation causing hair loss is treated and cured.

The spray encourages hair re-growth by simply making the scalp strong and healthy again. This is in fact the little secret of Hår Vokse’s effectiveness; instead of simply focusing on hair re-growth as most hair growth solutions, Hår Vokse first targets the scalp, ensuring that it’s inflammation-free and ready to receive all the strengthening ingredients found in the Hår Vokse supplement.

Well-aware of the fact that a non 100% healthy scalp cannot possibly welcome any long-term, tangible hair growth effects, the potent spray ensures that the damaged scalp is cured and nurtured. It also attends to the withered hair follicles, encouraging them to meekly open up again, in order to make hair re-growth possible.

Once the scalp is healthy, it’s time for the second phase of the treatment.

Hår Vokse Hair Re-Growth Supplement

Har Vokse supplementThe Hår Vokse spray works on preparing the scalp to receive all the nutritious ingredients that the Re-growth supplement includes. Mainly consisting of a powerful natural marine protein complex, the supplement stimulates hair-restoration by giving your body all the ingredients that it has been lacking and were responsible for hair loss and thinning.

The supplement’s role is complimentary; not only does it fortify the spray’s work on hair loss minimizing,  but is also nourishes existing hair and promotes the growth of new, thick, healthy hair.

The all-powerful ingredients found in the Hår Vokse supplement are:

Proteoglycans; the Marine protein complex that boosts hair follicle activity and cell production on the scalp

Amino acids; that improve and protect new hair growth

Zinc Gluconat; which has a preventative role, prohibiting hair from falling off and accelerating hair growth at the same time

Grape seeds extracts, a potent antioxidant for hair cell protection, It also prevents cell damage and speeds up the recovery of damaged hair follicles too

Vitamin B complex, known for its beneficial influence on improving skin, nail and hair health.

All these ingredients work towards nourishing and conditioning hair, stimulating further hair growth, and ultimately  to provide luster and volume to an otherwise receding hairline/hair thinning.

But, will it work?

Hår Vokse is the result of extensive research by scientists which have been researching how fish protein can support hair growth. Their research culminated with the creation Hår Vokse, a combination of marine protein, minerals and vitamins that were scientifically proven to support human hair re-growth.

A study, which Thom Erling has been supervising confirmed:

“Objective assessments indicated that the treatment was effective and subjective assessments showed a statistically significant positive effect of treatment. Exposure to the active preparation for a further 6 months in an open phase indicated a further improvement in hair growth….The product investigated may provide an alternative to pharmacotherapy for the treatment of hair-loss problems.[…]”

Side Effects to Expect

Published in the International Medical Research Journal in 2001, the study also corroborated that no side effects accompany the use of Hår Vokse.The only effect users should expect seeing is hair strengthening and hair restoration with consistent use of Hår Vokse. As this hair re-growth, dual-action system is entirely consisting of natural ingredients; no toxic side effects are to be witnessed by Hår Vokse users.

Not only Hår Vokse users don’t experience any negative side effects, but actually many report that they observe skin and nail improvement as well.

Hår Vokse at a glance

  • Effective –  An all-inclusive, efficient approach using a two-phase hair restoration solution, a spray and an oral supplement.
  • Targeted – With each Hår Vokse product targetting a different hair loss aspect, it is ensured that hair loss is prevented and hair re-growth stimulated.
  • Long-Term Results – Again, thanks to its dual-action, two-step formula, the results are deep and not superficial or ephemeral.
  • Natural Product – Both hair restoration products comprise of entirely natural ingredients for zero side effects and optimum results.
  • Scientifically Grounded – Studies confirm the positive results Hår Vokse has on hair loss and hair thinning, which adequately replaces with strong, thick, shiny hair.

Hår Vokse can be directly purchase at the official website: www.harvokse.com, currently Hår Vokse offers its customers deals, you can purchase 4 Hår Vokse supplement packs for £104.85 and get the Hår Vokse spray and shipping charges for free.